Mother of an amazing toddler.
I’ve 10 years of experience. Designing and driving functional and enjoyable interfaces in product business of all sizes.


What I am good at?

  1. very good in motivating a group of people to work together in the beginning of something that I am passionate and excited about
  2. think fast on how to turn a critical moment / experience to a good one
  3. not have a boring life (our family weekends are always unpredictable and adventurous)
  4. always trying to get something good for a challenge even if I fail it
  5. empathy
  6. connect people together
  7. design, putting together different innovations and build one big thing
  8. think in the present and in the long term
  9. making brain connections to innovate (thinking outside of the box to invent and design great stuff)

My core values


great enthusiasm, eagerness
Excitement and enthusiasm can attract people. People with such characteristics are often the spark that initiates many activities. There is always something they are working on or are planning to start. They are not afraid of taking up challenges and adventures.
People full of enthusiasm do not lack energy to act. Their enthusiasm can spread to other people around them.


moral behavior
People who value ethics often stand guard over morality. They actively oppose unethical actions and are able to assess the situation well through a broader perspective. They are excellent at making objective judgments.
People who value ethics can be relied on because they follow clearly defined rules in their lives. They are also consistent in their beliefs and will defend them for the general good.


self-reliance, self-sufficiency
Independence gives a sense of security and control. It also creates favourable conditions for growth. Those who value independence are reluctant to give control over their life to someone else.
Independent people trust their own choices the most. They can solve problems on their own. They value freedom of action very much.


willingness to explore and learn
Curiosity is one of the traits that have had a huge impact on the shape of our civilization. Searching for answers to intriguing questions, in-depth knowledge of a subject, interest in the surrounding world are the characteristics of people who value curiosity.
People driven by curiosity are on the right track to achieve wisdom. They are not afraid to ask questions. A strong passion is often present in their lives.

Skills Chart