Good Jobs

Good Jobs is a solution that supports persons to find all-type service to their home or establishment. The main goal is to help unemployed people to find temporary jobs while they don't find full-time jobs.

Role: Lead Designer, PO | Platform: Mobile | Date: End 2017 | Current status: Concept


In 2015, unemployment was the biggest problem in Brazil. 13.8 million citizens did not have any legal and registered jobs. So I started to do some research on applications that provide a search for an instant job, the only two references in the worldwide market were Ninja Job a service provider portal, and iBackpacker mobile application.


In the quantitative form, 33,3% of the candidates answered that they are working in a full-time contract job and another side 16,7% of the candidates answered that they actually are in a temporary job.
A qualitative interview was done to discover how the life of an unemployed is and the path that the person walks to find a great job.

Challenges faced:

- People are not often happy to open that they are in temporary jobs
- It's not easy to find someone that wants to work temporarily in something
- Most of the interviewers were for full-time contract jobs
- Usually, who contract someone for a temporary opportunity seek for recommendation




Desk research: Benchmark

Benchmark was an essential step of the Project, with this phase we are able to identify which opportunities the market is already offering, the quality of the Jobs and new ideas like the gamification and level per job as a life game.


User Journey

This tool was filled with the collaboration of a colleague who was looking for an opportunity in her field. It allowed us to figure out the pain points when searching for a job.



If I were...

We had a lot of fun when putting the service in the place of other brands “If GoodJob was as Pokemon Go, how would it behave? If GoodJob was like uber how would the person accept the nearest job? If the employer and employee are both cryptocurrency investors how would be the payment?”.


Brainstorming and analysis

As we had so many ideas, we had to choose some of them to start the Project. This analysis helped us to understand what will be the development cost and the user needs. We have the chance to choose features that motivate the team to create, for example, the conversational interface feature is something new to all members and, as a challenge, everybody wants to invest time on it.


Task flows

As the project advance to a new level, the flow of employee and employer was defined as simples as possible.
Flows considered: Apply to a job, Job in progress, Payment received, Add new job, Job notification, Provide payment.


A low fidelity prototype was drawn so the team can start to design the database, visual, and interaction accordingly.


Sketch component library

Sketch library was defined to facilitate the high fidelity prototype. All components are thinking about different mobile scalability and responsiveness.

First prototype

As the sketch library was ready to be used, it was easy to build the first screens of Good Job application. Those are medium fidelity prototype, it can be used now to test the idea and the screens with real public.